Monday, 2 June 2008



2 cups of atta flour,
salt to taste
1 cup of warm water.

Step by step:

Add salt into the flour. Add water little by little, using your clean hands to mix and make a dough.

Once the dough is flattened, gather the dough and knead once or twice before doing the punching routine once again, with/ without scooping more water onto the dough - it's okay if the dough is a little wet.

Gather the dough again and knead once or twice before transferring the dough into a clean bowl and leaving the dough slightly covered for at least 10 minutes ( I like to leave it for 30 minutes). At this stage, the dough is a little wet and sticky, UNLIKE normal bread dough that is smooth and shiny.

Ready to roll? Pinch a portion of dough, to fit the palm of your hand for a large chapatti and a slightly smaller one for a small chapatti. Roll the dough around in your hand to make a ball - this will help the shape of the chapatti to be nice and round later!

Heat up your pan - fire must be medium and pan must be really hot when dough is laid on it. Don't put any oil in your pan - there is no need! Sprinkle some of the atta flour onto your rolling board. Before rolling with the rolling pin, press down the dough ball with your fingers first to flatten it - to prepare it for rolling. Try to maintain a nice and round shape while flattening with your fingers and also later while rolling. Don't roll too thin and not too thick know what I mean.

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