Sunday, 15 June 2008

Basic Decorating Techniques - Rosette

This is the fluffy look you want for making clouds or smoke and to add dimension as a side border.
Getting Ready

Set up your practice board.

Insert a coupler base in your Featherweight bag and lock open star tip 16 onto it with your coupler ring.

Fill bag half full with medium consistency Buttercream Icing.

Practice with: Tip 16
Icing: medium consistency
Bag: 90°
Tip: lightly above the surface

1. Keeping the tip slightly above the surface, squeeze out icing to form a star and, without releasing pressure, move the tip in a tight, complete rotation, starting at 9:00 (3:00), moving to 12:00...
2. then to 3:00 (9:00) and 6:00...
3. and ending back at 9:00 (3:00).
4. Stop pressure and lift tip away.

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